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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions and answers about catering. Call us at 586-488-4420 if your question isn’t listed below.
How Does A Delivery & Setup Work?
Your delivery team will arrive before your target serving time, usually 30 minutes (or more, depending on your event). They’ll setup your buffet (you provide the tables or other space) including chafers & serving utensils, disposable dinnerware and condiments. We’ll have holding boxes for any extra pans of food. Depending on your event, they’ll either coordinate the pickup of our equipment with you for later that day or the next morning; or stay to maintain the buffet during dinner and teardown afterwards. You aren’t required to wash anything. Make sure all the equipment is ready for pickup. Please check your dishwasher and fridge!
How Many Tables Will I Need?
Usually (2) 8-foot tables, or equivalent space. Barbeques require (3) 8-foot tables. We’ll setup in all kinds of situations, so don’t worry – our delivery team will make it work!
Do I Need To Buy Plates, Napkins, Etc?
Not for a setup/delivery, we’ll have heavy-weight plates, rolled flatware and salad bowls. If you’re getting coffee we’ll bring cups & stirrers as well as creamer & sugar. Pickup orders do not include paper products
Do I Need An Electric Outlet For Anything?
No, nothing requires electricity.
How Far Do You Deliver?
All over Southeast Michigan! Some locations may require a small fee to cover extra distance/gas.
Can You Deliver Our Tray Order?
Yes, we can! Delivery of trays would be $35.00 within 10 miles, plus $3.00/mile over 10 miles. (Subject to availability).
Can I Use Your Chafers For My Pickup Order?
Unfortunately, we don’t loan or rent our chafers.
When And How Do I Pay My Balance?
We accept check, credit card or cash. Payments can be made in advance, you can pay the delivery team, or pay when you pickup an order. If you prefer to use a card, its best to provide the card info in advance of the party and the delivery team will have your receipt.
Do You Have Different Prices For Kids?
No, but you can adjust your order for the kids. Usually 2 kids = 1 adult serving.
Do You Offer Servers And Bartenders?
We work with a professionally licensed and insured staffing provider. We can give you the information about services available, and have the manager contact you directly.
What’s Your Minimum Order?
For delivery/setup, 20 people is our minimum.
How Much Notice Do You Need To Place An Order?
More notice is always better, you can be sure you’ll be taken care of if you call early; but don’t hesitate to ask us about any order! We always do our best to accommodate!
See Catering Prices
Tell us what catering menus you want, and we will send our current catering prices by email + text message.
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