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About Dominic’s Catering

Dominic’s Catering is celebrating over 30 years of food excellence!

Established in 1991, Dominic and his team have been making countless clients happy with the very best food and fantastic service. Conveniently located in Clinton Township on Hall Rd., we’re just east of Partridge Creek Mall. We can cater your personal or corporate event, day or night. If you’re throwing a party or your business is hosting a meeting or training event, give us a shout! We can accommodate almost any schedule. Choose from one of our package menus, or customize one to suit your needs.
We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience, and our food is the main component. Everything is made from scratch to order, which makes us different and honestly, the better choice. We don’t fluff our buffets with multiple “chef’s choice salads” scooped from bulk food service containers. We don’t bait you with trays of stuff nobody eats or cares about. We focus on the real food, the real thing, and we do it right. Your guests will let you know it was fantastic!

Our culinary team at Dominic’s Catering has earned a reputation for food excellence.

Everything is prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients. From the heavenly Alfredo sauce, to the totally handmade lasagna (even the pasta is from scratch!), to the tender and juicy boneless chicken — no one can resist going for second helpings when it’s from Dominic’s Catering!
The main focus at Dominic’s Catering is on you, and providing you with quality food and service. No matter what type of event or what size group, every client’s order is a V.I.P. Our company is built on the good opinion of our customers. Most have been referred by our past clients, and that says more about Dominic’s Catering than anything we could tell you! Every bite will make a lasting memory of our great catering service!
We can cater your personal, business, or corporate event, day or night. If you’re business is having a party, hosting a meeting or training event, call us. We can accommodate almost any schedule day or night. You can choose from a standard menu, or one custom designed for you. Our 5-star event planning service is available to make sure your is an enjoyable event.
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30 Year Local Catering Company